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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who We Are?

Collectors Abode is a platform for connoisseurs and collectors to discover and shop for their desired collectibles. It participates in various affiliate marketing programs. We endeavor to make collecting more fun and rewarding for everyone by presenting rare and unique collectibles.

What’s Behind Our Logo & Banner?

Our logo is made up of colorful leaves of banyan tree evolving during their life cycle. The majestic banyan tree is a reminiscence from the past and a building block of sweet memories.
The brand colors of Collectors Abode are green, purple, and reddish-brown derived from the changing colors of banyan leaves.
Our banner exhibits the concept of collectibles as reflected in the lateral veins of banyan leave.

Why Collectors Abode?

Collectors Abode includes top-of-the-line products through rigorous selection based on customer choice, taste, and preference. We have a content-based website and social media business pages which provide customers and visitors various resources to explore the world of collectibles.